Why We Need Vocational Teachers

Why We Need Vocational Teachers

Why We Need Vocational Teachers

Why We Need Vocational Teachers

Trade schools and vocational training opportunities have been absolutely critical in helping train, prepare and educate the workers and creators of the future. But vocational education has too often taken a backseat to traditional college education as the post-high school path of choice for young students throughout the country.


We believe the tide is beginning to shift. Individuals and organizations throughout the country are beginning to give trade schools and vocational education the respect and attention it deserves. And it’s all thanks to the instructors.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate just what makes vocational and trade school teachers so special.


They Provide Hands-On Career Training Opportunities


The classroom environment can be effective, but for students who want to pursue active and hands-on careers, it may not provide the complete picture. Talented vocational teachers provide hands-on training and instruction that teaches through doing, allowing students to learn and grow in a practical way that will ultimately lead to bright futures in their chosen fields. It’s real learning that leads to real skills, which in turn lead to success. By serving as the guides behind that learning, our vocational teachers are an indispensable part of the process.


They Can Offer a Glimpse into the Real World


Teachers at vocational schools don’t exist within the collegiate bubble—they’ve become experts in their chosen fields by actively pursuing them themselves, and they can pass on that real-world guidance to their students. These skills go beyond the direct skills of their trades to include entrepreneurial development, business skills, marketing, sales and other areas of focus that are vital for successful trade careers.

Their Expertise is Unmatched


Vocational school teachers offer something that students interested in a certain trade can’t find anywhere else—true, unmatched expertise in their chosen field. Vocational and trade school instructors are proven masters of their fields, able to convey concepts and teach methods in a masterful way. That leads to long-lasting learning that in turn provides students with the skills they need to go out and make a difference, both for themselves, their families and their communities.


They Give Bright, Non-Traditional Learners a Chance to Shine


Many smart and talented students leave primary school or high school having struggled with the classroom environment. Many of these students may think that they’re failures, or feel frustrated that they’re not following the collegiate path of their peers. Vocational teachers show them that non-traditional learners can shine with hands-on career training that prepares them for successful, fulfilling and exciting futures. Talented teachers like these speak to these students in a way they may not have heard throughout their 12 years of primary education. And that’s a very powerful thing.

Automotive Mechanic Trade School Teacher
Why We Need Vocational Teachers - Automotive Mechanic Trade School Teacher

They Instruct the Future Workers of America


This country’s future builders, makers, workers and creators should all go through trade school before they enter the workforce. It’s there that they can build the skills that will eventually shape and transform our nation through hard work and expertise in a variety of important trades. And who is there alongside them, shaping those skills for the future? That’s right—vocational instructors and teachers. Without them, our progress into the future of our country would not be optimized.




We live in a time where a university education is no longer the ticket to fulfilling work and, it’s become a guarantee of big school debt loads for too many young people. This is no longer acceptable to employers and to graduates alike.


Vocational learning and teaching is just beginning to get the respect it deserves. We can take comfort in knowing that our vocational instructors are quietly doing vital work that’s absolutely critical for the future of our workers, our communities, and our country.