Why CMA is the Right Choice For Physicians

Why CMA is the Right Choice For Physicians

Why CMA is the Right Choice For Physicians

Why CMA is the Right Choice For Physicians -

“THE CALIFORNIA MEDICAL ASSOCIATION"                                                                                                                          

There are many advantages to being a part of a professional medical association that brings together people who understand what you do and why you do it.


Spirit of Strength!


The reasons why pharmaceutical representatives, insurance companies and other groups are so successful is that they stand together to advocate for their business development. Association member physicians can also increase their overall influence and power when part of a recognized association.
If you consider medicine more than just a professional job, you should seriously consider joining the California Medical Association. It will not only provide you the best platform to socialize with people of the same profession, but will also make your voice stronger in front of government and other regulatory institutions. Membership will also help you to be a more effective advocate for you patients and medicinal growth.
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Be Present to Represent!


It has been said, "If you are in medicine, you are in politics". You personally don’t have time to deal in politics but your association can on your behalf. It really pays to get involved with your local and state medical society so that your voice and your opinion can get heard. When you join CMA, you hire a powerful professional staff to protect the viability of your practice. By protecting your practice from legal, legislative, and regulatory intrusions, your CMA membership lets you focus on what’s really important: your patients.



CMA encourages you to make most of your membership by utilizing every benefit including, engaging with other practitioners to find out what is going on outside your immediate practice.  



The California Medical Association promotes quality medical care, striving to ensure that all Californians have access to medical care and can see a doctor when they need one. CMA also promotes health education and advancing careers in the health sector. Click here to review all the Member Services you’ll get when you join the CMA.

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