Why UPS Stores Are Important To Business Owners

Why UPS Stores Are Important To Business Owners

Why UPS Stores Are Important To Business Owners

Why UPS Stores Are Important To Business Owners

Author: Genevieve Carlton


The UPS Store…is truly a partner to small business owners. UPS Stores do much more than just shipping. They  also offer mailboxes, printing, and even some design services. It’s no wonder that they are a one-stop destination for many business owners.


Here are some of the many ways that UPS Stores can give business owners a competitive edge.


Shipping Services


UPS dates back to 1907, when a teenager named Jim Casey founded the company in Seattle, Washington. Today, it is a Fortune 100 company and the world’s largest package delivery company. So it’s no surprise that The UPS Store is known for shipping. Whether you’re shipping goods to customers, mailing supplies to other store locations, or just looking for boxes, The UPS Store has business owners covered.


Professional Mail Service


In addition to full-service packaging, domestic shipping, and international shipping, The UPS Store offers mailbox services, which can be an easy alternative to a P.O. Box. The UPS Store even gives businesses a real street address, which looks more professional than a P.O. Box—and you’ll be sent a text when your mail or package arrives.


Business owners have 24-hour access to their mailbox, arrival notifications, and mail forwarding, which is especially valuable for small business owners who operate out of their home but don’t want to share their home address with customers.


Professional Print Services


Business owners often have a need for quality printing for banners, posters, catalogues, brochures, and newsletters. The UPS Store makes it simple by offering a wide range of printing services. Need menus? How about letterhead? The UPS Store can provide all the printing services needed to make a business look polished and professional.


Notary Services, Fax, Design Assistance…all available at The UPS Store


Does that contract have to be notarized? Need to send a fax? Need help designing your next promotional flyer? The UPS Store provides a range of in-store services that are perfect for business owners, including shredding. Business owners don’t need to buy their own expensive color printers, fax machines, or shredders—instead, turn to The UPS Store and free up valuable time for more important tasks.


Your Small Business Services Department


The UPS Store also offers business management services like accounting and bookkeeping, assistance with communications, marketing, and human resources services. The UPS Store uses its size and relationships with service providers to negotiate discounts and deals on business services, which it passes along to small business owners.


Who knew that UPS Stores did all that? Smart business owners turn to The UPS Store as their secret weapon to increase efficiency and maximize profits.

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