Brewery Review: Mike Hess Brewing

Brewery Review: Mike Hess Brewing

Brewery Review: Mike Hess Brewing

Brewery Review: Mike Hess Brewing

When you approach Mike Hess Brewing in the neighborhood of North Park, you make a startling discovery--the huge fermenting tanks and brewing machinery sit below ground level as you enter the building and cross a ramp directly above. You get a bird’s eye view of the brewing in action as the smell of yeast fills your nose.


Once you pass the brewing area, you find yourself in the tasting room which is comfortable and laid back featuring long community style tables, dart boards, some fun artwork and a nice selection of merchandise. There is a fridge stocked with canned beer that you can purchase and take home.

beer selection at Mike Hess Brewing


Another great feature that sets Mike Hess Brewing apart from other beers is the Open Mike Can Top. To prove that good, quality beer is at the center of their business, Hess developed its own style of can in which the whole top comes off to ensure optimal aroma, taste, and experience.

And, because their beer comes in a can as opposed to a glass bottle, Hess beer travels well and is permitted in many places where glass is not. You can easily pack a Hess 6-pack for a beach day, a camping trip, or BBQ by the pool.

What began as a side hustle for Mike Hess became a truly scalable and successful business plan after 15 years of brewing out of his garage. Having a finance background and an entrepreneurial mindset, Mike jumped on the scene at exactly the right time to see just how viable the micro-brewery concept was. And the journey has obviously paid off. Hess has grown consistently year after year with now three locations and more to come.

Mike Hess Brewing facility north park san diego
A look at the Mike Hess Brewing facility in North Park, San Diego California


Mike Hess Brewing has established themselves as a quality craft beer brand. Typically customers who visit tend to like everything. The broad range of beer caters to all tastes and preferences with an array of light beers like Claritas, a refreshing kolsch and 8 West which has a surprising twist of orange peel. There is a selection of IPA’s as well as a deep, rich imperial stout known as Umbrix.


San Diego has become a mecca for craft beer lovers and new breweries are popping up regularly. In some neighborhoods, there are so many breweries that their presence rivals Starbucks and other chains. Hess has seen a lot of change over the years including beer trends and market changes. Mike Hess stays true to his business and brand by sticking to what they do best…brew great tasting craft beer.


When Hess first started in 2010, they did not specialize in any fruity-style beer. As tastes and preferences evolved over time and, other brewers began to experiment with different ingredients, Hess also adjusted to meet customer demand. As a result, Hess’s Grapefruit Solis was introduced and has become one of their most popular beers.


Mike Hess and his team of craft beer pros have got Hess Brewing thriving with a strong foundation and a strategic path forward for years to come. Make sure to give their beers a taste the next time you are looking for quality craft beer.


Mike Hess Brewing – Great beer. No exceptions. No excuses.